Alzheimer’s Medicine Shows Early Positive Results

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The Wall Street Journal (12/3, Whalen, Subscription Publication) reports that Biogen Idec Inc. has announced positive interim results from an early-stage study of its medication, BIIB037, to treat Alzheimer’s. The results showed that after 54 weeks of treatment, the treatment had reduced beta amyloid levels in the brain and improved cognition when compared with the placebo among the 200 Alzheimer’s patients involved in the study, according to Doug Williams, executive vice president of research and development. Beta amyloid, a protein fragment that creates plaque tangles in the brain, is thought to be a key component in Alzheimer’s disease.

Bloomberg News (12/2, Chen) reports that after the “promising early results,” from the study, Biogen’s Alzheimer’s therapy “will be quickly moved into a final-stage trial.” Bloomberg adds that, in pursing advanced trials of it’s Alzheimer’s treatment, “the biotechnology company will now push rapidly ahead into an area where other [pharmaceutical companies] have tried and failed.”

Also reporting on Biogen’s Alzheimer’s medication are the Boston Globe (12/3), CNBC (12/3), Reuters (12/3, Pierson), and the Boston Business Journal (12/3, Seiffert, Subscription Publication).

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