In recent years the treatment of schizophrenia has benefited from the introduction of new medications with less side effects that have allowed many patients to live in the community.  We are developing newer treatments with the idea that a better medication should give the least impairment of cognition and the least amount of sedation.  If this sounds like it may be a fit for you, call us! We will tell you if one of our new medications might be appropriate for you.  Get excited! If it is good for you or your loved one It may be good for millions of others in the world…….

We believe that early recognition and a solid diagnosis are the first steps to better help you or a loved one navigate through life as challenges present themselves. In our research programs one will undergo a very detailed examination to ascertain his or her diagnosis.

We have several studies on Schizophrenia. Please use the helpful links below to learn more, and Please don’t hesitate to call us to set up an evaluation.

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