People Turn To Unique Prevention Clinic To Fend Off Alzheimer’s

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NBC Nightly News (12/16, story 7, 2:25, Williams) reported, “Cases of Alzheimer’s continue to grow in this country. More than five million Americans are living with it, and we’re told that number’s expected to triple by 2050.” The focus now turns to prevention because some “brain changes leading to Alzheimer’s can start as early as 20 years before symptoms show up.” Chief medical editor Nancy Snyderman, MD, explained that some patients who are trying to fend off the disease by taking steps when they are younger and asymptomatic are now “participating in a unique Alzheimer’s prevention clinic at Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center.” There, clinic director Dr. Richard Isaacson “designs personalized programs for younger people…who may be at risk.”

The NBC News (12/17, Snyderman) website points out that Dr. Isaacson “not only runs tests of a potential patient’s blood and cognitive abilities, but also scrutinizes the client’s genetic background, which he said can help him ‘refine or fine-tune the suggestions I make to patients.’”

Regular Exercise In Middle Age May Hold Off Brain Changes Associated With Alzheimer’s. The Washington Post (12/16, Bernstein) “To Your Health” blog reported that according to a study on 317 adults in late middle age, those who “exercised five times a week or more had fewer of the age-related changes in the brain that are associated with” Alzheimer’s disease, “and did better on cognitive tests.”

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