Report Estimates 44 Million People Worldwide Are Living With Dementia

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CNN (9/17, Tinker) reports that Alzheimer’s Disease International has issued its sixth annual World Alzheimer’s Report in which it reveals that “an estimated 44 million people worldwide are living with dementia,” and that figure “is expected to nearly double by 2030 and more than triple by 2050” due to rising life expectancies. The report also notes that “there is now ‘persuasive evidence that dementia risk…can be modified through reduction in tobacco use and better control and detection for hypertension and diabetes, as well as cardiovascular risk factors. “ Figures from the CDC put Alzheimer’s in sixth position on the top 10 causes of mortality in the US.

TIME (9/17, Oaklander) quotes Maria Carrillo, Alzheimer’s Association vice president of medical and scientific relations, who said in a statementr047 “Other lifestyle aspects that may contribute to healthy brain aging are eating a brain-healthy diet, being mentally active, and being socially engaged.”

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